Costa Rica Las Vueltas is here!

Nestled in a small mountain valley, crossing the hilltop to the Rio Vueltas is a family farm where life is calm, simple, and a bit old fashioned.  The idyllic Costa Rican cliamte is constant year round, and the hillsides are covered with sugar cane, bananas, and of course, coffee.   The 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Beans are hand-picked, depulped, then sun dried on the patio before parchment is removed.  Our Head Roastmaster, Chris de Mezzo, personally selected this coffee when he met with the farmers in the Spring of 2014.  He is wild for this microlot.  The tradition and care each farmer takes comes through in every deeply flavored cup, as do the sweet citrus notes.  Can’t wait to Taste Our Passion?  Buy it today!

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